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Thought Leadership | Apr. 17, 2024

Q&A: Link Parks Managing Director Joseph Finnigan on Supporting Small Business America

Q&A: Link Parks Managing Director Joseph Finnigan on Supporting Small Business America

Joseph Finnigan is managing director of Link Parks, the business park division of Link Logistics. Here, he discusses what’s unique about the customers Link Parks serves, why he loves visiting properties and how his team helps entrepreneurs thrive.

Can you explain your division’s mission, and how Link Parks fits into the bigger Link Logistics picture?

Certainly. Link Parks is tailored towards catering to the smaller end of the industrial real estate spectrum – business parks, specifically – and aimed at accommodating entrepreneurs and small businesses. This focus serves several purposes within Link Logistics.

Firstly, it provides exposure to the landscape of small business America, allowing us to engage with and support emerging ventures. Secondly, it acts as an incubator, nurturing smaller enterprises that may eventually require larger spaces within Link Logistics’ portfolio. It’s nice for us to be able to tell small businesses coming into Link Parks spaces that we’re here for them now and we’ll continue to be here for them as their companies grow.

Finally, the volume of leases we handle translates to a vast amount of data, which enables us to refine our processes and better serve our customers. We’re learning every day about what our customers need, how quickly they want to move in and so forth—which in turn makes us smarter and smarter. Our scale and data-driven approach are pivotal in driving the success of Link Parks within the broader framework of Link Logistics.

What most excites you about the opportunity to lead Link Parks? What is unique about the customers you serve?

Our customer base is sophisticated in so many ways but, unlike larger corporations with dedicated real estate departments, they often come to us without expertise in that specific area. Sometimes it’s the first time they’ve leased space for their businesses. This presents us with the opportunity to simplify processes for them, offering move-in-ready suites and streamlined lease agreements. We want to make the real estate decision-making process as streamlined as possible, so they can focus on their businesses. There is also often a unique emotional and personal factor— for example, this may be someone finally taking that first step and starting a business they’ve dreamed about for years. That adds a rewarding and meaningful element to our work.

What excites me most is walking our spaces and witnessing the entrepreneurial spirit firsthand, seeing people realize their goals. They could be trying to manufacture a product they’ve invented, or starting a clothing line, or launching a new technology startup. Witnessing the fulfillment of aspirations and the creation of innovative products is truly inspiring.

How is your team equipped to help Link Parks customers succeed? What are some of the advantages provided by being part of the larger Link Logistics organization?

Our team’s wealth of experience and expertise is bolstered by the resources and credibility of Link Logistics. This enables us to tap into a diverse range of knowledge and support from various departments within the larger organization. Furthermore, being part of Link Logistics allows us to leverage initiatives like Link+ to enhance the value we provide to our customers.

In terms of customer support, our Leasing and Property Management teams are adept at addressing a wide array of questions and concerns to guide clients through the intricacies of real estate transactions. Our onsite presence fosters accessibility, allowing customers to engage with us directly, which is crucial for building strong relationships. I’m extremely fortunate to be leading a team of people who are very passionate about helping our customers. And we are extremely fortunate to be part of the larger Link Logistics organization.

When you think of the future of the business park sector and the future of Link Parks specifically, what most enthuses you about the next several years?

Going forward, the prospect of elevating Link Parks to become the leading pure-play national business park platform is particularly thrilling. There’s immense potential for consolidation and growth in the business park sector. With the backing of Link Logistics and our commitment to innovation, we’re well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. Our scale and ability to make decisions off our data and research benefit us greatly. Small business America isn’t going away, and we are here to help those entrepreneurs thrive. The opportunity before us is tremendous.

About Link Parks

Link Parks is the business park division of Link Logistics, the largest U.S.-only operator of industrial real estate. With more than 450 buildings and 13 million square feet nationwide, at Link Parks we provide high-quality space in key metro areas to support our customers.

About Link Logistics

Link Logistics is a leading operator of last-mile logistics real estate. As of March 31, 2024, Link Logistics serves approximately 10,000 customers and owns, has interests in, manages or has under development logistics facilities that will represent a total of 533 million square feet across key U.S. distribution markets. Established by Blackstone in 2019, Link Logistics has the scale, footprint and proprietary insights, as well as a focus on sustainability, to drive value for our customers and stakeholders. For more information regarding the Company, please visit

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